Toro Gear WAM Promotion

RH_30074There’s no better time than the present to start shopping for the right mower to handle this year’s landscaping season. In addition to getting an early start on mower shopping, those customers who begin the process early will also benefit from the best deal of the year on Toro mowers with a significant discount on the company’s Toro Gear series of walk behind models. The company is offering up to $300 off the final purchase price of a Toro Gear series mower, with either a fixed or floating deck, between now and May 31, 2014. That presents a significant value, especially for commercial customers who are looking to minimize their spend when upgrading to new equipment.

An Impressive Feature List for a Walk Behind Mower

The Hydro Gear lineup of mowers is probably the one that can be most easily tailored to a wide array of commercial landscaping concerns and typical practices. That’s because Toro has divided the Gear series into both fixed and floating decks, which can handle all kinds of unique customer terrain and produce professional results that will help commercial landscapers build the local reputation of their business throughout the warmer months of the year. Its key features include:

– Turbo Force, a unique deck construction that allows the mower to be used at high rates of speed without missing blades of grass and creating an unprofessional final appearance. Turbo Force is especially important in fixed-deck mowers, since it makes up for the deck’s lack of agility and terrain response.

– Fixed or floating decks, which are available on different models in the series, will help commercial buyers pick the mower that’s right for the way they prefer to mow the lawn. Designed with heavy-duty steel materials and buffers, these deck are among the most reliable in the industry.

– Numerous deck sizes are available, allowing customers to purchase the mid-sized walk behind mower that suits their needs. Since some landscapers handle smaller lawns in residential areas, this means it’s easy to find a Toro Gear or Hydro model that has the right deck size, attachment design, and technology, to get the job done consistently.

This is a Commercial Mower for Growing Businesses

Toro serves both commercial and residential customers with its mowers, but the mid-sized models in the Toro Gear and Toro Hydro series are designed to be used by commercial business owners that typically handle moderately sized lawns, smaller athletic fields, or open areas owned by other businesses.

The mower’s typical use scenarios have driven its features, including the choice between fixed or floating decks, and its use of commercial-grade Kawasaki engines and a larger fuel tank than is typically found on residential models.

Start Shopping Today and Get a Great Deal on Toro Mowers Through May 31, 2014

Prospective mower buyers in Elgin and Crystal Lake, IL, can take advantage of this spring’s deep Toro discount by visiting Ralph Helm, Inc. and purchasing a new mower for the upcoming spring season. The company has long been a trusted retailer of Toro mowers for both commercial customers and homeowners, and they’re proud to be offering the best possible deal on a new mower this spring.

In addition to a great deal on a new Toro mower through May 31, 2014, is also a great resource for Toro accessories, OEM replacement parts, and support, no matter the mower’s model number or its status as a residential or commercial model. These added services make it easy for those who already own Toro equipment to find the best deal on parts and accessories all year long.

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