Toro GT2200 Garden Tractor Review

For those in the market for a garden tractor that can do it all this season, there is truly none better than the Toro GT2200 Garden Tractor. Toro claims “Since 1914, they have built their reputation on superior customer care and constant innovation.” As witnessed by their continued success within the lawn equipment industry over nearly the past century, this is no longer a claim, but a statement of fact. Toro has made an exceptional name for itself throughout the world providing lawn care equipment and services for golf courses, sports fields, public green spaces, commercial and residential properties and agricultural fields on a daily basis. Some of the companies individual accolades and acknowledgments of their commitment to excellence can be witnessed by their maintenance of such landscapes and event as St. Andrew Golf Course in Scotland, the Wimbledon Championships, the Super Bowl and Rose Bowl, Walt Disney World Resorts, and the majority of fields used by the National Football League (NFL), and Major League Baseball (MLB).

All of the hard work and determination that has gone into the machines which take care of those great locations have also been investing in their new Toro GT2200 Garden Tractor, designed primarily for residential use. Although much smaller in scale than some of its larger brethren, the Toro GT220 is a beast in its own right, featuring a powerful 25 horsepower Kohler Courage Twin Cylinder Engine which is just as tough as it sounds. This great Kohler engine powers a 50” dual blade, 3-in-1 cutting deck, which will drastically reduce the amount of time one will spend on this tractor thanks to being able to cut more grass per pass. In addition, the heavy duty hydrostatic transmission and electric PTO clutch will make sure this baby runs circles around the competition, and will allow the Toro GT2200 to run those circles for a much longer period of time.

But power is not the only thing the Toro GT220 Garden Tractor is built on. It is also designed for comfort. Featuring a high back, cushioned seat, a 13” soft touch steering wheel and that previously mentioned hydrostatic drive makes just about any job, long or short, a breeze. In addition, the Toro GT2200 features a larger than most three gallon gas tank, allowing the user to fill up less, and mow more. There are a number of features on the GT2200 which will allow for longer, more comfortable usage which equates to getting the job done faster and more efficiently than other garden tractors on the market.

In addition to all of these great features and benefits already mentioned, the Toro GT2200 Garden Tractor also comes standard with a two-year Limited Warranty covering a variety of parts and service on the GT2200. Not only that, but given the strength and character of the Toro name, finding a Toro Dealer who can order Toro Parts for the GT2200 is not a challenge at all. Located in most major towns or cities one can find at least one, if not a variety of licensed Toro Dealers able to work on and repair almost any issue which may arise with the Toro GT2200 Garden Tractor. Should they run into an issue they have not seen, or need a part they may not have, Toro can ship to from their headquarters to anywhere in the world, as well as offer a number of technical resources to resolve any issue.

Furthermore, the ability for one to customize the Toro GT2200 Garden Tractor to fit just about any lawn care job out there is virtually limitless with the number of great attachments designed specifically for the GT2200. In addition to the great time and energy saving options already discussed, the Toro GT2200 also comes with a triple bagger attachment. This will allow the mower to cut and store more yard waste than their competition, meaning fewer stops to unload grass clippings. Also, Toro offers a 46” blade which attaches to the front of the GT2200 allowing one to move dirt or snow. This makes a great benefit for those who experience winter weather each year, as well as allows the user to be able to utilize their GT2200 year round. Some other attachments which only extend the utility of the GT2200 are a lawn sweeper for collecting leaves in the fall, a broadcast spreader for fertilization, a couple different carts for hauling brush, a spike aerator, a dethatcher, and a two-stage snow thrower for those who really want to kick their snow removal up a notch.

Overall, there are all sorts of garden tractors out there, but pound for pound, Toro makes the best. They are low maintenance, heavy duty, and ready to work. If your outdoor projects this year require one to have a garden tractor at their beck and call, there is none better than the Toro GT2200 Garden Tractor.

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