Toro Lawn & Garden Tractor Series Overview

Toro Lawn and Garden TractorMost homeowners typically maintain smaller lawns that require only the assistance of a traditional push mower. Some, however, have expansive outdoor spaces to maintain and feel that the best way to get the job done is with a riding mower or lawn tractor. Toro serves both of these groups capably, and features a great lineup of garden tractors that can handle almost any outdoor area. These mowers are specifically designed to handle larger spaces, challenging terrain, and tasks of longer duration, with thoughtful design that boosts mowing capacity, reduces operator fatigue, and enhances engine efficiency from start to finish. Those looking to upgrade to this superior lawn maintenance experience have several great options available from Toro to meet their needs.

The Toro LX Lawn Tractor Series

The most common model sold to today’s consumers looking for a garden tractor is the LX. This particular option comes in three distinct styles, featuring large cutting decks and powerful Kohler engines for top performance under virtually any conditions. The LX series is split into three different models, which are largely separated by their engine type and the size of the cutting deck offered to residential customers. For most homeowners, choosing a Toro garden tractor means picking one of these three options.

- The LX 423 Tractor

The LX 423 garden tractor is Toro’s entry-level model that is designed to handle moderate outdoor areas. Consumers should think of this model as the bridge between larger push mowers and the typical riding mower used for larger spaces. The equipment features a large, 42-inch deck that offers a significant upgrade from the largest 30-inch deck size found on Toro push mowers.

In addition to its larger deck, this model comes with a twin cam Kohler Courage engine built around OHV architecture. The engine is capable of producing up to 20 horsepower, which will certainly allow it to handle steeper terrain or longer mowing tasks with ease. The LX 423’s cutting deck is considered a 3-in-1 design, with the ability to discharge, mulch, or bag clippings, based on the operator’s needs. Mowing is enhanced with up to 5.5 mph forward operation, and a compact turning radius of just 15 inches.

- The LX 427 Tractor

Toro’s LX 427 model is a slight upgrade from the LX 423 mentioned earlier. Like the 423, the LX 427 comes with a 42-inch cutting deck and a 20-horsepower Kohler twin cam engine with OHV architecture. The mower also features an automatic hydrostatic transmission, for smooth operation that upgrades the experience for buyers when compared to the LX 423 tractor. As with that model, the LX 427 offers 5.5 mph forward operation and the same tight, 15-inch turning radius for easy navigation between and around obstructions in the lawn.

- The LX 468 Tractor

The high-end LX series model is the LX 468, which enlarges the cutting deck to a substantial 46 inches in diameter. The engine is upgraded to compensate for the additional heft of this larger deck. A 22-horsepower Kohler twin-cylinder engine is featured in the LX 468, which maintains good forward speeds and smooth operation throughout longer mowing jobs around the home.

The LX 468 garden tractor comes standard with a front bumper for maximum operator safety, and comes with a series of improvements to materials that reduce vibrations and lower the likelihood of operator fatigue. Soft touch materials in the steering wheel, vibration-reducing designs in the seat, and other enhancements all benefit operators directly, especially when handling the very large areas that this garden tractor was designed for.

Upgrade to Even Mower Power with Toro’s GT2200 Garden Tractor Model

While each of the LX models offers substantial size and performance for handling larger outdoor mowing tasks, none of them compares to the Toro GT2200 garden tractor. This model is the largest one available to residential customers, and its increased size is immediately apparent. The cutting deck is significantly enlarged, and measures 50 inches in diameter. The mower also features the most powerful Kohler engine of the residential lineup, at 25 horsepower. Other upgrades include an electric PTO clutch and a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission designed to offer commercial-grade dependability. A standard bumper and 18-inch turning radius combine for greater safety and flexibility around the home, and make it easy to produce professional results every time.

Find Toro Mowers and OEM Replacement Parts at Ralph Helm, Inc.

Taking care of larger outdoor areas throughout the summer often means using a lawn tractor instead of a smaller, less powerful push mower. Those who are in the market for either a new Toro lawn tractor or the replacement pats needed for repairs and maintenance, can find exactly what they’re looking for at In addition to a full lineup of actual mowers, the site features a parts lookup tool that filters available replacements by model number, part number, and engine type, making it easy to secure the best, most reliable part for any need throughout the year.

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