Toro Power Max Snow Blower Overview

The Toro Power Max Snow Blower was designed to circumvent all obstacles and to deal with every weather scenario. This two-stage snow blower is powerful enough to take care of tough jobs while being compact enough to make it easy to handle. It is designed to provide top performance year after year, making it more durable than many other snow blowers on the market. The special design of sub-zero material in the chute ensures that it will handle all cold-weather material, making it durable in temperatures as low as -104 degrees (guaranteed for life!). It’s also rust-free and prevents snow and ice from sticking to it.

There are many impressive features as well as a total of 7 models to choose from. After thoroughly reviewing the available models, head to a Toro authorized dealer to buy the right snow blower for your needs.

Key Features

A key feature of Toro Power Max Snow Blower is the anti-clogging auger system that meters the snow intake to prevent clogging and maximize clearing efficiency. The angle and direction of snow thrown can be changed easily with the quick stick chute controls.

The auger gear box is designed to handle the highest of stresses, providing seamless performance every single time.

A clearing width of up to 26” wide can be established with the Toro Power Max snow blower. This allows for fairly precise snowthrower aim.

Some other great features include:

  • Electric start
  • One-hand interlock
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Deflector, bypass and chute are all guaranteed for life
  • 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds
  • Capacity of at least 1800 pounds per minute

Various Models

The Toro Power Max Snow Blower is available in 7 different models. Three are Power Max, while the other four are Power Max HD.

The 3 included in Power Max series are the 724 OE, 726 OE and 826 OE. Each of these feature a 10” snow cut depth in one pass. They also have a 205xx Briggs & Stratton OHV 4-cycle engine. The fuel capacity is 3.2 quarts and they are each under 200 pounds, ranging from 171 lbs to 175 lbs.

Within the Power Max series, the tires are noticeably smaller than on the HD models at 14”. They also use standard skids as well as a quick stick chute control, with the exception of the 724 OE which uses a quick lever. The auger diameter on the smaller snow blowers is 11” in comparison to the 14” of the HD models. The clearing width will range from 24” to 26” on these models as well.

The 4 included in the Power Max HD series include the 928 OE, the 926 OXE, 1028 OXE, and the 1128 OXE. These models feature higher capacities and more power. The capacity per minute can increase to as much as 2200 lbs and features a 21.5” snow cut depth in a single pass. The auger box on these models is also commercial-grade so there are no shear pins needed. The engines on each of these models are also different. The 928OE and 926 OXE feature a 265cc Toro Premium OHV 4-cycle engine while the 1028 OXE features a 302cc version of the same engine. The 1128 OXE is equipped with a 342xx Briggs & Stratton OHV 4-cycle engine.

The Power Max HD models also have larger tires and are all over 200 pounds in weight, ranging from 243 pounds to 269 pounds. Some of them also include heavy duty skids as opposed to the standard ones on some of the smaller Power Max models.

Where to Buy

Online ordering of parts, accessories and equipment is easy using the online ordering tool at  Some of the accessories you may want to get from your authorized Toro dealer include skid shoes, a snow cap, a cover and even a drift breaker. When you visit your Toro dealer they can show you the various models and accessories available and help you determine which model/accessories would best suit your needs based upon the type of job and terrain where you will be using the snow blower.


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