Toro Reintroduces The Grand Stand Commercial Mower

Toro has made an aggressive move toward gaining market share in the growing stand on mower market by reintroducing the Grand Stand Commercial Mower.

Commercial landscapers and homeowners alike are choosing stand on mowers over the popular zero turn mowers and the traditional lawn tractor. There are several reasons for this:


Traditional riding mowers generally have a top speed of around 10 MPH, while most stand on mowers can go about 8 MPH (the Toro Grand Stand has a top speed of 8 MPH). In spite of this, cutting the average lawn takes 10% to 30% less time with a stand on due to its better mobility.

In addition to saving time, the Toro Grand Stand’s maneuverability means better navigation of yard obstacles, preventing costly damage to surrounding landscaping as well as the mower itself.


For the average person, standing for a certain amount of time causes less muscle fatigue than sitting for the same amount of time. Given a large yard that could require a couple of hours to mow, this is an important consideration.


Stand on mowers have a far lower center of gravity than a riding mower. This means they are less likely to tip over when navigating uneven terrain. In the event that they do tip over, all that is required on the part of the user is a single step back to be free of the mower. Contrasted with riding mowers and zero turns where a far greater likelihood of rolling the machine requires extricating oneself from seats, armrests, and control levers, and the safety advantages of the stand on design are clear.

Now that the advantages of the stand on design have been touched on, let us examine what the Grand Stand Commercial series specifically brings to the table:

A patented Flex-Ride operator platform that further reduces the fatigue caused by mowing. This enables the operator to cut longer before needing a break and to finish the task and remain fresh for other tasks.

An adjustable baffle system. This is important as grass conditions will vary from location to location and even from season to season in the same location. Allowing the deck to be tuned to cut dense grass quickly and to more finely cut thinner grass makes the Grand Stand Commercial a very versatile cutting machine.

A speed control that operates independently from the directional controls and cutting deck enables the mower to be driven slowly for maximum maneuverability control, all while maintaining full cutting power.

A 5 year or 1200 hour warranty with a limited lifetime frame warranty.

Varying sizes from an 18HP model with a 36″ cutting deck to a monster 26HP model with a 60″ cutting deck enables you to select a Toro Grand Stand that is perfectly suited whatever conditions it will be called upon to deal with.

With the many advantages of the design, stand on mowers are becoming a larger segment of the mower market every day. By reintroducing the Grand Stand Commercial Mower, Toro has offered a powerful, versatile machine for this growing part of the mowing population.

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