Toro Single Stage Snow Thrower Series Review

The Toro Single Stage Snow Thrower Series line of snow blowers has an excellent consumer rating both for effectiveness and ease of use. The Toro Single Stage Snow Thrower Series is available in eight different models, ranging from the relatively lightweight Power Clear 418 ZR which weighs a mere 54 lbs, and has an 87cc engine, to the Power Clear 621 QZE that has an impressive 163cc engine and weighs 35 lbs more.

All the Toro Single Stage Snow Throwers come with electric starters that eliminate the awkward rope pull, as well as a full two-year “Fail to Start” warranty. In addition, both the Toro Single Stage Snow Thrower 418 and 621 Series also come with a full two-year warranty. Their engineers took great care designing their equipment and Toro Snow Thrower replacement parts.

The patented Power Curve technology is standard in all the Toro Snow Thrower models. The Power Propel rubber paddles effortlessly move the snow thrower along while the machine clears snow without clogging. The zip deflector allows adjustment of the throw angle to suit the user’s personal preference.

The lighter weight Single Stage Snow Thrower, such as the Power Clear 418 ZR and the Power Clear 418 ZE have an 18 inch clearing path, and can throw snow up to 25 feet. Both are designed for light residential use, such as clearing three to six inches of snow from driveways that can accommodate up to four parked cars.

The capacity for the 418 model series is 1100 lbs per second and they have a 1.4 quart, 4 cycle overhead valve engine. Although this impressive snow thrower can get the job done easily and quickly, it takes up very little storage space. The dimensions are a compact 21”x23”x28” (L x W x H).

The more durable 621 R, 621 E, 621 ZR and 621 ZE Series are designed for moderate residential use, such as clearing three to nine inches of snow, with a 21 inch clearing path and the ability to throw up to 35 feet. All of the 621 Series can easily clear a driveway large enough to accommodate eight parked cars.

All the 621 Series Snow Throwers have the capacity to move up to 1800 lbs, per second.

However, the QZR and QZE models also have the Quick Shoot control, which lets the operator adjust the direction of the throw on the fly. Squeezing the trigger and sliding the handle down will change the direction of the chute easily and without having to pause.

All of the Toro Single Stage Snow Thrower 621 Series have a 1.1 quart fuel capacity and a 4 cycle overhead valve engine. Whether it is the smaller engine of the 418 Series or the larger engine of the 621 Series, the Toro premium engine parts used in the Toro Single Stage Snow Thrower Series are designed to give years of trouble-free performance with the power that’s needed. Their unparalleled governor response supplies power upon demand and quicker than any other engine in its application.

The patented Toro Power Propel system takes the work off the operator and puts it directly on these durable snow throwers to get the job done effortlessly and thoroughly.

Toro’s reputation for quality and durability in their equipment, as well as their patented designs, make the Toro Single Stage Snow Thrower Series ideal for those jobs when manual labor is not desired but snow removal is required.

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