Toro Snowblowers Can Handle Deep Snow

Toro SnowblowerThe crisp fall year surrounding us now serves as a reminder to check that you have all the winter equipment you need to get through the season. If you don’t have one already, it might be a good time to invest in a snowblower, and you can’t go wrong with Toro snowblowers.

Toro Can Handle It

For most of the nation, snowblowers come as seasonal use equipment. According to Consumer Report, the most powerful snowblowers can move 18 inches or more of snow with the spinning auger that scoops up the snow. A market leader, Toro makes electric models and gas models. An electric Toro can clear snow with widths of 12 to 18 inches. Gas models’ width clearing starts at 16 inches and max out at about 28 inches. Gas models have an electric start for when the air becomes especially chilly.

Most of Toro’s snowblowers have better than average snow throwing distance of around 45 feet. A grand feature many of the Toros have is a simple shear pin that links to the auger, so if anything goes wrong, the pin shears so that the rest of the machine does not get damaged. Replacing shear pins is less costly and easier than repairing augers.


Toro snowblowers have curved power technology with a curved rotor. Add in an inverted funnel and you get maximized snow blowing. Whether the snow is wet, wild or dry Toro snowblowers can move 1,100 pounds of snow in a minute, making it commercial grade. Toro continues to be the No. 1 brand for single stage snowblowers. Electric snowblowers are recommended for light snow; Their light-weight design makes for easy storage and easy usage. Toro does recommend its electric models be used on flat surfaces.

Consumers Speak Up

Visiting any number of review sites for Toro snowblowers, one finds overwhelmingly positive reports, especially on the commercial grade models and the electrics. Consumers’ reports list quick starts, powerful performance and easy storage as their favorite features. Many of the Toro models cost a bit more than other brands, but consumers report their endurance and reliability make them well worth the price.

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