Toro Snow Blowers

Choosing power equipment is no laughing matter. It is generally expensive, and while a cheap piece can break within a few months, a good one can last decades. To avoid having to spend the money again before you know it, it’s important to select the right tool for the job.

If you live somewhere cold, for instance, you might be considering a snow blower to keep yards, pathways, tracks or driveways clear over the winter. Toro is a top name in yard maintenance, and it offers a wide range of snow blowers that vary in size, power and features.

One of the first things to consider when choosing power equipment is how large a job you’ll need to do. Choosing a snow blower for a small yard and one that can clear an acre of field are very different. If you’re a homeowner, therefore, you’ll want to stick to smaller machines, whereas a contractor working for schools, universities, parks or other large, public, outdoor areas would be better off with more heavy-duty options.

When choosing a snow blower, it’s important to make sure it can handle the conditions you’re likely to encounter. The usual depth of snow in your area should factor into how powerful a tool you’ll need, as will whether or not you’re clearing areas that are covered in gravel. If you are, you’ll want a double-stage Toro snow blower to avoid tossing out your gravel along with the snow. If not, a single-stage product will likely do.

Size and power are both considerations as well. Small areas won’t require machines to be as large or energetic, while larger areas will. Toro has options for all types of conditions. Other benefits include anticlogging technology so snow doesn’t get stuck and controls to easily change the direction snow is thrown.

If you’re still unsure about which snow blower might be the right one for you, read up on other factors you may want to consider when choosing a snow blower. Buying power equipment is a big investment, and we understand that you want to make sure to get it right.

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