Toro Snowblower Preseason Tune-Up Guide

As the winter season swings into full gear, homeowners everywhere are beginning to prepare their snowblowers for another three months of deep snow and hard work. For owners of Toro snowblowers, there are a few key maintenance routines to follow before the first snow of the year begins to fall. From new fluids to new fuel filters, there are plenty of things to check before setting out to clear the driveway or walkways around a home.

Getting Started this Winter: What to Check

To begin tuning up a Toro snowblower, it’s a good idea to check the fluids that might be leftover in the equipment from the previous winter. Because it’s hard to predict when the last snow will fall, many homeowners never actually drain the fuel and oil from a snowblower after the season has ended. These old fluids are highly inefficient, and they can make it hard to start the snowblower.

To fix this problem, simply drain the oil into a pan, and drain the fuel into an appropriate container. Dispose of both fluids in an environmentally friendly way, and replace them with new fuel and oil when appropriate. In the interest of using the freshest gasoline and oil available, homeowners should put these fluids into their Toro snowblower only when the first storm of the season is actually on the horizon.

Getting the Right Parts for the Job When Conducting a Tune-Up

To be prepared, Toro snowblower owners should have the right parts on hand when they conduct a tune-up. These parts can be installed much further in advance of a snowstorm than the liquids that will need to be replaced. Generally speaking, there are two key replacement parts that should be purchased ahead of time.

The first is a new fuel filter. This is a rather essential replacement due to the gasoline that has likely been sitting in the snowblower for several months at a time. Furthermore, all of last winter’s fuel passed through the same filter, making it dingy and inefficient. The filter is easy and affordable to replace, and this can be done in just a few moments.

The spark plug that powers the snowblower should also be replaced at the start of every winter season. From time to time, spark plugs and spark plug wires can become a bit worn, making it hard to start the equipment in particularly cold conditions. With an OEM replacement wire from Toro, replacement is easy and starting the snowblower for the first time will be even easier.

To Prepare for the Winter Season, Choose OEM Parts

The best way to make sure that a Toro snowblower can last through the winter is to make sure that all parts used to tune it up are OEM parts. These parts are made by Toro itself in its own factories, right alongside the snowblowers that clear sidewalks and parking areas all winter long. They’re guaranteed to be compatible with the snowblower they’re purchased for.

Best of all, OEM parts are held to the same high standards that the company’s actual snowblowers are. That means mid-winter defects or early season incompatibilities just won’t happen like they will with generic replacements.

Where to Buy Toro Snowblowers and Replacement Parts

Ralph Helm Inc. is one of the best options for consumers who are looking to make the winter months a bit easier by purchasing a snowblower or tuning up their existing Toro model. The company has decades of experience with a wide range of power equipment brands and parts, and that means customers will be treated to expert service, knowledgeable sales staff, and one of the widest selections of OEM parts available anywhere.

For the right combination of service, support, and experience, look no further than Ralph Helm Inc. And, for OEM parts, there is no better option than Ralph Helm for Toro snowblower owners.

With an Online Parts Lookup Tool, Finding OEM Parts is Easy

Ralph Helm Inc. stands out among the crowd of power equipment vendors for another key reason: The availability of an online parts lookup tool that can make it easy to find replacement parts for Toro snowblowers. The company’s website features this tool and makes it available for all brands and equipment types that the company sells. Using it is as easy as knowing the specific model number of the Toro snowblower in question. Consumers who have a part number can be taken directly to the right model and part for their Toro snowblower.

The parts lookup tool also presents an easy way to use a tiered menu system when filtering OEM parts. With three simple steps, it’s easy to narrow down Toro’s OEM parts by equipment type, engine model, or snowblower model, for easy online purchasing. The lookup tool, along with Ralph Helm’s many other benefits among competing power equipment vendors, makes the company the best option for customers this winter season.

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