Tree Recycling: What It Is and How You Can DIY

There is a wide range of reasons for removing a tree from your property. Its roots could be growing under and disrupting the paving in your yard, it could be growing too large for your property, or you may simply be changing up the landscaping of your yard. Whatever your reasons, you’ve got to find something to do with that tree after chopping it down. This process of repurposing a tree is called tree recycling, and there are many ways to go about it.

Basic Tree Recycling

If you leave your removed tree to your city or county’s waste management, it will likely get ground down into mulch or chopped up to use as firewood, depending on the area where you live. It may also get cut into boards to use as lumber for construction projects. Depending on the type of tree, it may also be able to be used to make paper. However, most of these processes are labor-intensive and result in the release of the carbon dioxide stored within the tree, adding to the carbon footprint of the tree removal.

Creative DIY Projects

Rather than going the traditional route for tree recycling, you can make great use of the tree’s wood for DIY projects around your house. For example, a long, straight branch can be repurposed as a railing or coat hanging rack. Smaller branches can become a beautiful, rustic pergola for your backyard. The trunk, if on the smaller side, can be used to create unique stools for your dining area or breakfast bar. If the trunk is thicker, you can use it to create the base of a table. All of these projects allow you to bring the beauty of nature from the outside to the inside of your home.

Get the Tools You Need

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