Troy-Bilt Edger Maintenance Series: Changing the Air Filter

Troy-Bilt Edger 2At the start of each summer season, many seasonal maintenance routines are recommended for Troy-Bilt’s mowers and edgers. Once such form of maintenance is replacing the Troy-Bilt Edger’s air filter which, when cleaned or replaced with a new model, will allow for easier sparking and starting of the engine as well as far more efficient operation throughout the warmest months of the year. Luckily, this is actually a really easy process that requires only a few basic steps. Most homeowners will be able to replace or clean their air filter in a matter of moments by following a few simple steps and precautionary measures.

Safety Precautions to Be Followed Before Replacing the Air Filter

Power equipment, even equipment as small as the average Troy-Bilt Edger, represents a significant opportunity for injury if appropriate safety precautions are not followed by homeowners before they start with an air filter replacement procedure. Before beginning, make sure that the edger has not been in active use for at least an hour. This will allow the engine to cool down and reduce the risk of burns or other injuries. Furthermore, it will reduce the risk of sparked oil or gasoline, which might lead to dangerous and damaging flames.

The spark plug wire should be disconnected before any maintenance procedure for similar reasons. With the wire disconnected, the edger will not be able to accidentally or randomly start up, reducing the risk of serious injury from the mower’s engine, its produced heat, and the blades and other moving parts that make the edger such an effective landscaping tool around the home.

Specific to the air filter cleaning and replacement process is a word of advice concerning cleaning agents. The air filter, if it is being cleaned, should only be cleaned with a mild detergent dissolved in water. Gasoline and other flammable agents should not be used as part of this process, as they may turn the filter into a significantly more dangerous component after it has been reinstalled into the edger.

A Step-By-Step Look at the Air Filter Replacement Process

Removing the Troy-Bilt Edger’s air filter is actually pretty easy, and the entire process will take just a few minutes when following a series of easy steps.

Step 1: Remove the Air Filter Cover and the Air Filter Element

With the engine cool and the spark plug wire disconnected, go ahead and press the filter cover release tab on the side of the air filter component. This is generally located on the front of the Troy-Bilt Edger. This will allow the compartment to open, exposing the air filter and allowing for its quick release. Pull the air filter out and, if necessary, separate the foam component form any paper coverings or liners that accompany it.

Step 2: If Applicable, Wash the Foam Air Filter Element

Some homeowners will be able to easily clean their air filter rather than replacing it, though this should be done on a case-by-case basis. If the air filter is mostly clean, go ahead and clean it using a mild detergent mixed with water. Next, squeeze all remaining water out of the air filter and apply a few drops of oil to the surface of the foam element. Squeeze excess oil out of the foam and then proceed.

Step 3: Replace the Air Filter and Reassemble the Troy-Bilt Edger

The final step of the process simply involves replacing the air filter and reassembling the Troy-Bilt Edger. This is done the same way regardless of whether the air filter is all-new or simply cleaned up. Insert the air filter back into its compartment on the mower and then replace the air filter cover and click the tabs into place. With that, the air filter will be good to go for another summer season of mowing and edging.

Step 4: Replace the Spark Plug Wire and Start the Edger

With the air filter replaced and the Troy-Bilt Edger reassembled, the spark plug wire can now be reconnected without the risk of injury. Once it has been reconnected, go ahead and start the equipment to make sure that everything is back in place and working as it should be. If that’s the case, the replacement process is complete. Be sure to dispose of the air filter in an environmentally responsible manner.

Ralph Helm Inc. Supplies and Replaces Troy-Bilt Edger Air Filters

Homeowners looking for an OEM air filter replacement, or simply a qualified technician who can perform the process on their behalf, will find exactly what they need at Ralph Helm Inc. The company sells a large variety of air filters that fit all Troy-Bilt models and, with years of experience performing expert maintenance, they’ll be able to clean or replace any Troy-Bilt Edger’s air filter in a matter of moments. That leads to greater peace of mind and more efficient operations for virtually all homeowners with one of these popular models.

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