Troy-Bilt Edger Maintenance Series: Changing the Gas

Troy-BiltLogoAt the beginning of each spring or summer season, homeowners have to go through a few maintenance routines to ensure that their Troy-Bilt Edger can perform at peak efficiency and power. One of the most important such routines is the removal of old gas so that it can be replaced with fresh gasoline that is easier to spark, more efficient to use, and better overall after the edger has been sitting around unattended and unused for several months. Gasoline removal and replacement is quite easy for Troy-Bilt Edger owners, requiring just a few simple steps and precautions at the start of the season.
Safety Precautions: Preventing Injuries and Damages During Fuel Replacement

As with all seasonal maintenance routines, safety should be the first priority of all homeowners. When the time comes to replace gas or oil, the spark plug wire should always be disconnected in an effort to prevent the Troy-Bilt Edger from accidental and unexpected engine activity. Disconnecting this wire will prevent sparking of gasoline as well as any injuries that might result from the edger’s blades springing into action.

Because gasoline is highly flammable, Troy-Bilt Edger owners should also be sure to let the engine cool if it has recently been fired up. A hot engine can cause gasoline to catch fire, which can damage both the equipment and the homeowner. Allow the engine to cool for at least an hour before proceeding with any gasoline replacement process, and always check the engine temperature before proceeding even after waiting an hour.

Step-By-Step: Removing Old Gasoline and Replacing it with Fresh Fuel

Step 1: Get the Proper Materials Ready for Gasoline Removal

Homeowners need to make sure that they have the right equipment on hand for a quick and easy removal of their existing Troy-Bilt Edger’s gasoline. The first key component of this process is the Arnold Siphon Pump, which will allow for easy extraction of the gasoline from its compartment within the equipment. Also necessary is a container to catch old gasoline. This container will also be used to properly dispose of old gas in a way that does not harm the environment.

Step 2: Engage in Safety Precautions

Before starting the process, allow the equipment’s engine to cool off if necessary and then disconnect the spark plug wire. As discussed earlier, these steps are essential to ensuring the safety of the operator and the integrity of the equipment through each step of the fuel replacement process.

Step 3: Use the Arnold Siphon Pump to Remove Gasoline

Remove the Troy-Bilt Edger’s gas cap and then insert the Arnold Siphon Pump into the gas tank so that it can begin removing the existing fuel. Ensure that the other end of the pump empties the gasoline into an approved container. To engage this process, simply push and prime the pump four or five times. Toward the end of this process, gasoline will noticeably begin flowing into the secondary container gathered in step one. Wait for this process to fully complete before moving on.

Step 4: Remove the Arnold Siphon Pump and Add New Fuel to the Edger

With all of the old fuel removed, simply take the Arnold Siphon Pump out of the gas tank and remove its discharge hose from the approved container that caught the old gasoline. Clean up the pump and store it away for future use. Close the container holding the old fuel, and then add new gasoline to the edger. When the tank is full, replace the gas cap to ensure that no fuel leaks out or spills during regular operation.

Step 5: Dispose of Old Gasoline in a Responsible Way

Old gasoline that has been removed from the Troy-Bilt Edger should not be allowed to soak into the ground, nor should it be disposed of alongside traditional garbage. Instead, take old gasoline to a nearby power equipment dealer, mechanic or other location that disposes of it in an eco-friendly way. Many municipalities require this, and it’s simply a good practice regardless of local laws.

Step 6: Reconnect the Spark Plug Wire and Start the Troy-Bilt Edger

Go ahead and reconnect the spark plug wire so that the edger can be easily started, and then start it up to ensure that everything is in working order. If it is, this process is complete and regular landscaping tasks can proceed as planned.

For Parks and Service, Ralph Helm Inc. Has What Troy-Bilt Owners Need

From Arnold Siphon Pumps to OEM replacement parts, Ralph Helm Inc. has a full line of Troy-Bilt add-ons and replacements that can meet every need. Furthermore, the company has extensive service and maintenance experience. This experience allows them to keep all Troy-Bilt Edgers in working order for homeowners who are new to the equipment and might not feel confident performing their own fuel replacement or other seasonal maintenance work.


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