Troy-Bilt Edger Maintenance Series: Changing the Oil

Troy-Bilt EdgerWith summer now in full swing, homeowners are beginning to get back into their regular lawn care routines. For those homeowners with a serious commitment to every aspect of the lawn’s upkeep, this usually involves a Troy-Bilt mower and the company’s popular edger that takes care of flowerbeds, areas where the lawn meets a sidewalk or driveway, and other parts of the lawn where precise detailing is key. These edgers require the same maintenance procedure as their larger lawn mower counterparts, with frequent oil changes and seasonal repairs that keep them in good shape. For homeowners looking to change the oil in their Troy-Bilt edger, a few simple steps can ensure safety and a quick procedure.

Staying Safe: Precautions for an Edger Oil Change

As with any piece of power equipment, it’s important to ensure safety before changing the oil or performing any other kind of regular or seasonal maintenance. For those who own a Troy-Bilt Edger, it’s important to at least disconnect the spark plug wire that allows the equipment to turn on when the engine is sparked. This will keep the equipment from accidentally turning on and causing burns or injury during the oil change process.

It’s also recommended to wait at least an hour after the equipment has been used around the home so that the engine can cool off. Otherwise, burns may result and the heat of the engine could cause oil to burn and gasoline to spark. With a cool engine and a disconnected spark plug wire, homeowners will ensure their safety as much as possible.

The Step-By-Step Process of Conducting an Oil Change

With the spark plug wire disconnected, and the engine cooled off, the oil change is actually quite simple to complete. Homeowners only need to complete a few simple steps to ensure their Edger is in top condition.

Step 1: Drain the Existing Oil from the Edger

The first step in the process is simply to drain the existing oil from the Troy-Bilt Edger to make way for newer lubricants. This can be done by loosening and removing the drain plug that keeps the oil in place within the engine. With that plug removed, homeowners simply need to pick up the equipment and tilt it toward the side where the drain plug was located, so that the oil can drain into an approved container for safe removal and disposal after the full oil change has been completed.

Step 2: Add New Oil to the Troy-Bilt Edger

With the old oil removed, be sure to replace the drain plug so that all new oil is contained within the equipment instead of leaking out during operation. Then, simply pour new oil into the engine until it reaches the appropriate level according to the Troy-Bilt Edger’s dipstick and the guidelines set out in the owner’s manual. Don’t forget to replace the dipstick and cap at the end of this process to prevent against leakage of the new oil.

Step 3: Replace the Spark Plug Wire

With the danger of injury now eliminated, the spark plug wire can be replaced and the Troy-Bilt Edger can be fired up. Be sure to turn the Edger on for at least a few seconds, simply to make sure that the spark plug wire is properly replaced and the equipment is ready to go next time it’s needed for regular lawn care work.

Step 4: Properly Dispose of Old Oil

In the first step of this process, the Troy-Bilt Edger’s old oil was drained from the engine into an appropriate container. With the oil change process now essentially complete, homeowners need to make sure that they dispose of the old oil in an environmentally friendly way. Many Troy-Bilt dealers, mechanics, and other locations, offer to dispose of oil in a way that will not harm the environment or release toxins into the surrounding area, and they’ll often do this for free. Always use one of these avenues to dispose of oil rather than simply throwing it out with the home’s standard garbage.

For Qualified Oil and Oil Changes, Visit Ralph Helm Inc.

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