Troy-Bilt Flurry Snow Blower Review

Troy-Bilt is one of the leading manufacturers of snowblowers for those consumers who find themselves in harsher northern climates. The company is also quite aware that not everyone lives in a place where three feet of snow fall overnight, and people wake up the next day ready to tackle that snow and then head into the office. Some climates experience just a bit of modest snowfall every now and then, and homeowners need a way to effectively clean up the mess so that they can avoid things like slippery walkways, icy driveways, and other common problems that Mother Nature likes to dish out between December and March.

The Flurry snowblower, by Troy-Bilt, is the best way to handle smaller accumulations of snow. It’s easily the best model for those who live in climates where four seasons definitely happen, but winter isn’t marked by a transition into life on the frozen tundra. It’s relatively modest intake area and chute makes it compact and easy to store away, and that’s good for homeowners who are relatively low on space in the garage or the storage shed.

Some Great Features for Homeowners

The snowblowers built by Troy-Bilt are generally named according to how much snow they can handle, so the relatively small Flurry model is smartly named. The Flurry is a very small snowblower, relatively speaking, especially when compared to models like Troy-Bilt’s Squall and others, which are perfect for digging out of regular blizzards and punishing nor’easters.

Despite its small size, a relatively capable engine is included with the Flurry 1400 snowblower. That engine comes in at 11 amps worth of power, and it’s an all-electric engine that enables push-button start for Flurry owners. This convenience should not be overlooked: Sometimes, starting a snowblower in sub-freezing conditions without using push-button start can be a very tough exercise and one that many homeowners tend to dread.

An auger-assist drive system backs up the powerful electric engine, and the snowblower can be maneuvered using an ergonomic, rubber-coated handle. The snowblower can easily deal with moderate snow accumulations, sleet accumulations, and ice, making it versatile and able to handle whatever winter might throw its way.

Equipment Specifications

This smaller snowblower’s 11-amp electric engine isn’t the only equipment specification that will stand out to homeowners. The Flurry 1400 comes with a number of other impressive numbers and dimensions that will make winter a far more enjoyable season for those who take the plunge and let Troy-Bilt handle their snow all winter long.

First and foremost, the Flurry 1400 comes with a 14-inch clearing width and a 9 1/2″ intake height. That makes it perfect for places where snow typically doesn’t fall in accumulations greater than nine inches at a time. Homeowners in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states are generally considered to be the primary¬†audience for this smaller intake.

The tires that come with the Flurry 1400 measure just 4 3/8″, making them the perfect size for both compact storage and easy handling of snowy and icy walkways or driveways. The Flurry is backed up by a two-year warranty for homeowners and a 90-day warranty for those in commercial environments who purchase this snowblower for their own use.

Key Benefits

The most obvious benefit of Troy-Bilt’s Flurry 1400 snowblower is that it’s compact in size without being compact in its capabilities. It’s easy to find enough storage space in a garage or tool shed for this smaller snowblower, but homeowners will be impressed by how easily it takes snow in and spits it out, clearing sidewalks in a matter of moments and freeing cars from their positions in the driveway with just a bit more work.

Homeowners in climates where winter is a bit milder, and snow accumulations are a bit less, will particularly appreciate the Flurry 1400. Of course, buyers in colder areas will find the Flurry to be almost amusingly small, but Troy-Bilt has them covered with larger models anyway.

Where to Buy the Flurry

Ralph Helm Inc. is easily one of the most respected local names when it comes to buying power equipment, and that certainly holds true for consumers interested in a snowblower. The company offers excellent service, sales, and support, and is well-known for pairing excellent Troy-Bilt products with lasting customer satisfaction.

OEM Parts are Essential

In the event that the Flurry snowblower does require maintenance, consumers should always choose parts made by the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM. These parts are held to Troy-Bilt’s high quality standards, and they’re made by the same people who produce the actual snowblower in the first place. This maximizes compatibility, longevity, and overall value.

For Service, Choose Ralph Helm

Ralph Helm Inc. isn’t just a great place for those looking to buy a snowblower. It’s also the best place to go when a snowblower needs repairs, regular maintenance, or a diagnosis when problems arise. A strict policy of quick service, OEM parts, and expert diagnostics, will get the snowblower back in working order in record time, long before Mother Nature has unleashed a big winter storm on the area.

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