Troy-Bilt LS 27 TB vs. LS 33 TB Log Splitter

Troy Bilt LS 27 TBPerhaps better known for its small home landscaping equipment options, Troy-Bilt is also an excellent choice for heavy-duty equipment like log splitters. In fact, Troy-Bilt’s two key log splitters currently on the market are among the best offered by any company, with cast iron materials and hydraulic operation that simply makes them more capable and more durable than competing options. Backed by years of experience serving landscaping customers, and propelled by some of the best engines in the business, Troy-Bilt’s log splitters should be at the top of every customer’s list as they seek to make major changes to their outdoor surroundings and the layout of their home’s foliage and shade trees.

Similarities: Two Models with a Shared Commitment to Power and Durability

Troy-Bilt has long won new customers by promising them the right combination of powerful engines, durable materials, and compact equipment size. That remains true with both the company’s entry-level LS 27 TB log splitter and its slightly more powerful LS 33 TB upgrade. Both of these powerful log splitters come with a cast iron splitting wedge, which makes them some of the most effective models on the market. Unlike several other materials found in competing log splitters, this cast iron edge allows for maximum cutting capacity without the risk of bending, warping, or other damage that can shorten the useful life of the cutting wedge and require extensive maintenance.

The heavy-duty blade featured in both models can be used to split logs up to 25 inches when using both the LS 27 TB and the LS 33 TB. This is partly due to the shared, two-stage pump that allows for maximum power with every split. Hydraulic operation boosts the power even further, and the unique hitch and jack stand, included with every purchase, makes the entire splitting process a great deal easier.

As with any of the company’s power equipment offerings, the LS 27 TB and LS 33 TB do differ in a few key ways. Troy-Bilt has generally differentiated these models enough to make one suitable for entry-level customers, while the higher-powered LS 33 TB is more suited to commercial settings and heavier use overall.

Key Differences: The Distinguishing Feature of Each Log Splitter

Troy-Bilt’s LS 27 TB is marketed to consumers as the more compact option, featuring a smaller engine and a smaller hydraulic fluid tank. This makes it more practical for home storage, and it allows the equipment to be stored by smaller businesses thanks its starkly smaller footprint. The LS 27 TB comes with a hydraulic fluid tank that can hold as much as 3 gallons of fluid, and it powers log splitting with a 160cc OHV engine manufactured by Honda. These featured combine to produce 27 tons of ram force, which is a respectable number all on its own.

Even with its large hydraulic fluid tank and its significant amount of force, however, the LS 27 TB may not be the machine that every consumer needs. In fact, many people require more power to work with different kinds of wood, while others prefer bigger equipment and a more powerful engine to speed the log splitting process along appreciably. That’s where the upgraded LS 33 TB comes in.

The LS 33 TB upgrades the hydraulic fluid tank to 5 gallons, and it boosts the engine power quite a bit. The equipment benefits from a 277cc Troy-Bilt OHV engine, allowing it to produce 33 tons of ram force. That’s quite a bit more power than the entry-level model. The LS 33 TB is the only model that sports an automatic cylinder return, boasting a 15-second cycle time that is rather impressive in its class. Coil-wrapped hoses make the equipment significantly more durable than its entry-level counterpart, which is why many people in commercial or industrial settings tend to prefer the LS 33 TB for their work.

Slight Differences, but a Common Commitment to Great Power and Quick Work

All told, both pieces of equipment are more alike than they are dissimilar. Both the LS 27 TB and the LS 33 TB are designed to be highly durable, producing a significant amount of force that can handle very large logs. The LS 33 TB offers upgraded power and durability, while the LS 27 TB caters to compact storage needs and smaller businesses. When each machine is used by its target buyer, its power and force is second to none.

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