Troy-Bilt OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

troybilt-logoWithout a doubt, Troy-Bilt manufactures some of the best power equipment on the market. From lawn mowers to tillers, snow throwers to hedge trimmers, the company has established a sterling reputation over the past few decades as a leading supplier of high-quality power equipment to homeowners and businesses alike. Even so, virtually every piece of power equipment sold by every major manufacturer will eventually require maintenance and replacement parts at some point during its long time of service to buyers.
When a piece of power equipment has stopped working and requires service or parts, buyers are faced with a difficult decision. They can either choose to use off-brand, aftermarket replacement parts or they can opt for OEM replacement parts made by the manufacturer itself. The choice is one that involves budgetary considerations, as well as considerations about quality and durability of each part chosen. Generally, though, there is a clear winner in the battle between OEM replacement parts and the aftermarket alternatives that are produced for Troy-Bilt products.

OEM Parts and Aftermarket Parts: The Difference

Consumers generally must choose between OEM replacement parts and off-brand alternatives made by competing manufacturers or generic brands. This decision is difficult enough, but some customers might not even understand the nature of the decision that they’re about to make. Before choosing between these two options, it’s important to understand the terminology and how it applies to a Troy-Bilt repair.

OEM parts are those parts that have been specifically manufactured by the same company that produced the power equipment itself. In this case, all OEM parts would be designed and manufactured by Troy-Bilt. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” and it’s the number one indicator that a replacement part will be identical, compatible, and affordable, for use during any type of repair or regular maintenance.

Aftermarket parts, sometimes called off-brand parts or generic parts, are produced by competing companies that have licensed the rights to create Troy-Bilt parts. Those companies are not governed by the same manufacturing processes, or the same quality control measure, as Troy-Bilt parts are. They may use slightly different materials, and they may fit into the power equipment in a slightly different way than the OEM parts offered to consumers.

The Decision is Clear: OEM Parts are a Good Buy for Consumers

Some consumers might think more with their short-term budget than with their long-term needs when choosing between parts, and that might lead them to think that aftermarket parts are their best bet. That’s actually not true, however. In the case of Troy-Bilt and other power equipment brands, it’s true that consumers get what they pay for. In this case, opting to spend slightly more for an OEM part instead of a generic, off-brand part, will likely lead to a more durable, long-lasting piece of equipment.

OEM parts are produced by Troy-Bilt using the same strict guidelines that have earned the company a reputation as one of the most dependable and durable power equipment manufacturers in the world. These parts are subject to rigorous quality control procedures, and they’re made only by the most skilled technicians in a facility. That means they’ll be durable, long lasting, and perfectly compatible with the model for which they’re intended.

Aftermarket parts might be fine, and they might bear no significant difference from their OEM competition. They are, however, not subject to this kind of control and skill set. They may last half as long, and they may cost buyers twice as much in the long run if excessive and repetitive repairs are needed as a result of choosing aftermarket parts over OEM options.

Buying Troy-Bilt OEM Replacement Parts: Where to Start the Process

Ralph Helm Inc. is one of the best partners consumers have when they’re looking for OEM Troy-Bilt parts. The company has long been in the business of selling power equipment, and their ability to match customers with the perfect OEM parts means that Troy-Bilt products of any kind can enjoy long and lasting lives on behalf of their owners.

With an intuitive website and an easy shopping process, Ralph Helm Inc. is one of the companies making it easier than ever to find the right OEM part for every repair, or regular maintenance need, that Troy-Bilt customers might have.

The OEM Parts Lookup Tool: Another Key Asset for Consumers

Ralph Helm Inc.’s commitment to OEM parts can be seen in the company’s replacement parts lookup tool. Using this innovative tool, customers can actually narrow down the company‚Äôs wide selection of parts by manufacturer, product type, and model number. Results can even be further narrowed down by the specific part number itself.

With a few quick clicks, customers can use the Ralph Helm website to guarantee themselves the best parts, service, and experience, for their valued Troy-Bilt power equipment products.


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