Troy-Bilt Riding Mower Tips

 120901-01MARBuying a Troy-Bilt riding mower is an exciting time for many homeowners, at least until they realize that they need to learn how to actually operate the mower so that their lawn stays in perfect condition all summer long. That realization can be pretty intimidating for some buyers, but it doesn’t need to be. With a few simple steps, it’s actually pretty easy to learn about the Troy-Bilt riding mower and put its various functions and features to good use. Buyers can start out with the basics and get more advanced as time goes on and as they feel more comfortable with the equipment.

Step 1: Learn the Basics About the Battery and Engine

Riding mowers, like cars, come with an engine and a battery that are both key to turning the mower on and putting it to use. Customers who have recently purchased their Troy-Bilt mower should remove its battery cover to expose the internal battery and then connect both the red and black cables to the corresponding terminals located on top of the battery itself.

Next, be sure to check the oil level of the engine by using the included dipstick. A new riding mower should have the proper amount of oil already, but this still merits double-checking. Be sure to fuel the mower with the proper gasoline, too.

Step 2: Learn How to Start the Mower

The riding mower can be started using the included ignition, but the buyer must be in the driver’s seat in order for the engine to actually start. This is known as an “operator presence” safety system, and it’s a key way to keep homeowners safe from unwanted engine starts. Be sure avoid sitting too close to the front of the seat, otherwise the system may not be properly engaged and the engine may not start.

Step 3: Engage the Parking Brake and Get Ready to Drive

To guard against the mower rushing out of the gate as soon as it turns on, be sure to engage the parking break. Next, move the mower’s throttle into the “rabbit” position. When this is complete, press the brake pedal to disengage the parking break and move the shift lever into the “forward” position. The mower will now begin to move very slowly, but this can be altered by pressing the gas pedal just as buyers would do in a typical vehicle.

Step 4: Start Mowing

By default, the Troy-Bilt riding mower does not automatically turn the mower blades on as soon as the mower begins to move forward. Instead, they can be turned on or off by using system controls. To begin mowing the lawn, simply engage the mower blades by pushing the PTO lever forward. This will push the lever next to the “ON” label, and there will be a noticeable increase in noise and vibration as the blades fire up.

The Best Place to Buy Troy-Bilt Riding Mowers and Parts

Authorized retailers are the best place to find high-quality new equipment, expert salespeople and a large selection of OEM parts that will allow for regular maintenance and repairs, should repairs be needed to key mower components.

Because authorized retailers vary in size and scope between towns, counties and larger regions of the country, it’s important to pick the best local retailer available. More reputable authorized dealers have more parts, a better selection of mowers and a staff that is simply more experienced in regular service and repairs.

Choosing Ralph Helm Inc. for Parts and Equipment Just Makes sense

Ralph Helm Inc. has been in the power equipment business for several decades and has grown large enough to own two authorized dealer locations for Troy-Bilt mowers. The company’s larger overall size also allows it to carry a far bigger selection of OEM parts for these mowers, greatly assisting buyers when it’s time to perform seasonal maintenance or to repair the damage that can often be done by lawn debris or even typical use.

The company’s experience in the industry has also allowed it to create a highly intuitive OEM parts lookup system that will help customers find the exact part needed for their maintenance or repair. The system can filter parts by the specific riding mower model number, or by the specific part number needed for a repair. Customers who are unsure of their model number can use the parts lookup tool to narrow down their Troy-Bilt model by function, engine type and more.

It is this highly intuitive parts lookup tool that makes Ralph Helm Inc. not only a great place to buy Troy-Bilt mowers but also a key partner for the decades of good use that most buyers will get out of their Troy-Bilt purchase.

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