Troy-Bilt Snow Blower Parts List

Troy-Bilt snow blowers are highly valued for their durability and diversity in their single-stage or dual-stage model snow blowers. Troy-Bilt single-stage models are the featherweight division of snow blowers. These compact blowers are designed for lighter snow blowing jobs. Sporting an electric starter and a 4-cycle engine, just like their dual-stage counterparts, these single-stage snow blowers are just as efficient and durable.

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Troy-Bilt Snow Blower Models:

• Flurry 1400 Single-Stage
• Squall 210 and 2100 Sing-Stage
• Storm Dual-Stage 3090, 2840, 2620 and 2410
• Polar Blast Dual Stage 3310 and 4510
• Storm Tracker Dual-Stage 2690

The dual-stage Troy-Bilt snow blowers are typically self-propelled blowers. These Troy-Bilt blowers are designed for heavy snow-laden areas and have accessories like a snow cab and a drift cutter kit. Regardless of your preference for single-stage or dual-stage Troy-Bilt snow blowers, these blowers need periodical inspections, as with any other seasonal utility equipment. There are key steps recommended for safely preparing the Troy-Bilt snow blower for inspection and maintenance.

• Stop the Engine (Making sure the auger/impeller is stopped)
• Disengage all Control Levers
• Disconnect the Spark Plug Ignition Wire (Prevents unintentional re-starting)

Maintenance Schedule

A Troy-Bilt snow blower owner should be aware that the time and effort put into the maintenance and inspection of their snow blower is like putting money in the bank. Seasonal use of the snow blower requires specific maintenance. The maintenance schedule includes:

• Oil Changes after the first 1-5 Hours of use and (Season Ending or 50 Hours)
• Checking Engine Oil Level after use (or Every 5 Hours)
• Exhaust Cleaning after use (or Every 5 Hours)
• Cleaning the Spark Plugs after Every Season (or 25 Hours Use)
• Gear/Shaft Lubricating after Every Season (or 25 Hours Use)
• Service the Spark Plug after Every Season (or 100 Hours)

Proper maintenance and inspections ensure that Troy-Bilt snow blower’s upkeep stays at a lower cost and improves efficiency. A proper inspection of all Troy-Bilt parts, in conjunction with a regular maintenance schedule, is essential to the continued safe operation of the Troy-Bilt snow blower. Pre-season part inspections allow for the necessary part replacements, which can extend the life expectancy of the snow blower.

Frame, handle and chute inspection for dual-stage and single-stage Troy-Bilt mowers should include checking the switch assembly, the screws on the shoulder and carriage, knobs, and all nut hex locks. Both upper and lower chutes should be void of debris, and have tight washers and screws with no cracks visible at these locations. Wheel bearings should be checked for any mobility problems and the wheels should not give way to any side-to-side motions. Other frame, handle and chute inspections include:

• The retainer cord and the cable guide should be free of any kink-damage or nicks.
• Functions of the adjustable handles should flow smoothly and not be forced into positions.
• The impeller, blades and augers should be carefully checked for blade dullness.

Checking the cover, engine and cover belt, looking for any wear-and-tear, cracks or missing screws should be next. The insulator and gasket seals for the carburetor should be double checked for gas and air leaks.

• The fuel hose clamps and fuel hose need to be free of frayed parts and wear signs.
• Fuel drain bolts should be tightened and not stripped
• The fuel bowl o-ring should be properly greased.

Essential to the fuel intakes for the fuel hose and the carburetor is the primer bulb. The primer assemble, as a whole, should be inspected. Problems resulting from a faulty primer assembly item can mimic a host of problems. Another important inspection check is to make sure when winterizing a Troy-Bilt is that the fuel stabilizers are properly utilized.

The benefits of fuel stabilizers for a 4-cylinder are different from a two-cycle engine, which have oil-to-gas ratios. The Troy-Bilt 4-cylinder engines rely on a gasoline stabilizer additive like SAE grade 5W-30 oil for its fuel stabilizers. Fuel stabilizers keep the carburetor, pumps and injectors from clogging up. Unleaded gasoline is the recommended fuel for Troy-Bilt snow blowers and gasoline stabilizers should be added to the gas tank, if the gas tank is not emptied within thirty-days.

Tips and Warnings:

• Never crank the engine when the spark plug is removed
• Do not change the safe operating speed of the engine (governor settings)
• Only use genuine OEM replacement parts
• If safety or instruction labels are damaged have them replaced
• Always be sure to observe all regulations for disposal of discarded fuels.

Where to buy parts?

For genuine OEM replacement snow blower parts, consult with an authorized Troy-Bilt dealer. Troy-Bilt dealers also service and repair snow blowers and will address any maintenance problems.

Ralph Helm Inc is an authorized dealer of Troy-Bilt outdoor power equipment. More information about Ralph Helm’s Troy-Bilt selection can be obtained by calling or visiting our convenient locations at Elgin, IL (815) 788-1616 or Crystal Lake, IL (847) 695-1616.

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4 Responses to Troy-Bilt Snow Blower Parts List

  1. jim franken says:

    Hello, I have a question about parts no longer available for my Troy hilt 42010, it is from 1994. I can’t get any of the rids that turn the chute. Is there any other newer models that I could make fit?
    Thank you

    • Admin says:

      Hi Jim! Thanks for your inquiry. Someone in our Parts Department should be able to help answer this question. If you’re not in the North Eastern Illinois area, please give us a call at one of our stores: Elgin, IL at (847) 695-1616 or in Crystal Lake, IL at (815) 788-1616. We’d be happy to help!

  2. Oliver York says:

    I have a Troy-Bilt STORM 2410 snow thrower. I need a spring for the manual recoil starter assembly. Do you have this part?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Oliver. Thanks for your inquiry. In case you aren’t able to find the part directly from our website (, please contact one of our convenient locations in Elgin, IL Phone# (847) 695-1616 or Crystal Lake, IL Phone# (815) 788-1616. Have a great day!

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