Troy-Bilt Snow Thrower Storage Guide

Troy Bilt SnowthrowerWith the arrival of warmer weather that doesn’t seem to be going away, many homeowners across the country are breathing a collective sigh of relief. The threat of another major blizzard is gone, at least for the next six months, and it’s time to finally store the Troy-Bilt snow thrower away and prepare for the slightly more enjoyable task of mowing the lawn at regular intervals.

Storing a Troy-Bilt snow thrower is not as easy as simply throwing a cover on top of the equipment and putting in the garage. Careful, preventative maintenance can ensure that the equipment is quickly ready for prime time when the next winter season rolls around, eliminating many of the most common maintenance headaches that crop up between October and January for many less attentive homeowners.

Inspect the Snow Thrower’s Belts for Wear and Tear

The belts within a snow thrower are designed to keep the blades spinning so that they effectively toss snow aside after a big storm. With a task that important, it’s no surprise that these belts tend to experience a great deal of wear that can cause them to stretch, tear, and otherwise malfunction after a long season.

Remove the front cover of the snow thrower to reveal these belts and give them a thorough inspection for any potential damage done during the previous winter season. If they require replacement, secure OEM belts that can take their place. If the belts are in good condition, close up the snow thrower by replacing the front cover.

Check the Shave Plate and Skid Shoes for Wear and Tear

The skid shoes and shave plate found on any snow blower, Troy-Bilt included, serve as the first defense against debris and other damage. These essential parts should be inspected at the conclusion of the season to determine whether they were damaged by an encounter with the ground, or any snow-based debris. A quick inspection will reveal whether or not a replacement is necessary.

If replacement does need to be conducted, it should be done before the snow thrower is placed into summer storage. OEM replacement skid shoes and shave plates can be found at most authorized Troy-Bilt dealers, and they’re often among the easiest parts to remove and install at the end of the season.

Be Sure to Drain Any Remaining Fuel

Allowing fuel to sit in the snow blower for a minimum of six months, while heat and other weather conditions affect the equipment while it sits in the garage, is a recipe for winter disaster. Fuel that remains in the equipment can take on water, become full of debris, and therefore inflict damage that might lead to bigger repairs.

Opt instead to drain all fuel out of the snow thrower and into an approved container for disposal. This is easy to do by using a basic siphon pump, and it will make winter much easier to contend with in a few months.

Clean the Snow Thrower

Clearing snow from driveways and walkways is no easy task, and most Troy-Bilt models get pretty dirty in the process. Give the equipment the attention and care it deserves by cleaning it off, making sure the surface is free of debris and grime, and making it look excellent for next year’s first snowfall. This basic amount of maintenance can reduce corrosion and rust and other long-term issues associated with wear and tear.

Best Ideas for Troy-Bilt Storage

As with all power equipment, be sure to store the Troy-Bilt snow thrower in an area where it will not come into contact with the natural elements, or with the front bumper of someone’s car when it pulls into the garage. Keeping the mower free of damage, debris, and even dents, will ensure that it’s ready to be put right into use when the fist snowfall of the season begins to fall next year.

OEM Replacement Parts are a Sure Bet

Owning a Troy-Bilt snow thrower means committing to OEM replacement parts at the end of the season. These parts are simply higher quality than off-brand options, and they’re subject to the same stringent standards and checks that Troy-Bilt performs on its power equipment models before they’re allowed to be sold by nationwide retailers. Best of all, their enhanced durability and longevity makes them a better value and a great way to save on the time dedicated to regular maintenance.

Choose Ralph Helm Inc. in the Quest for OEM Parts

Ralph Helm Inc. has been in the power equipment business for quite some time, allowing the company to develop a great way to find each part needed for season maintenance. With a great parts lookup tool that can separate parts by part number and model number, customers can easily locate exactly what they need with minimal hassle and minimal wasted time. That’s a great bargain for homeowners as they excitedly place their snow thrower into off-season storage.


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