Troy-Bilt Storm 2840 Snow Thrower Review

Troy-Bilt is a trusted brand for outdoor power equipment that manufacturers both single stage and dual stage snow throwers. Known for its power, durability and consistent seasonal performance, the Troy-Bilt 2840 is one of the company’s top rated snow throwers, offering features and accessories that are highly sought after in dual-stage snow throwers.

Brief Overview

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2840 snow thrower is a dual-stage heavy duty 4-cycle thrower, which requires no oil-to-gas ratio. Instead, this dual-stage snow thrower relies on a SAE grade 5W-30 oil fuel stabilizer. The overhead valve design is a cleaner and more fuel efficient engine for snow blowing and throwing. An in-dash headlight is an inset halogen light, built-in at the right height for an optimal low-level light standby.

The chute is controlled with a 4-way controller and can be extended to ensure the snow is thrown clearly out of the path of the user. X-Trac wheels give steady traction and stability in turns and up and down steep drives and slopes. Easy one-handed maneuverability and heated hand grips make for fast and enjoyable work conditions when faced with frigid temperatures. The Troy-Bilt 2840 dual-stage Snow Thrower comes with a standard 2 year limited warranty.

Features of the Troy-Bilt 2840 Snow Thrower

The most outstanding feature of the Troy-Bilt 2840 snow thrower is the power and ease in starting, operating and maneuvering the thrower under the torque of its 4-cycle engine. This power is harnessed inside a durable and fuel efficient designed snow thrower. The one-touch electric starter is a bonus feature added to the ease of operating such a powerful machine.

The OHV engine features:

• 4-Cylindar Engine
• 6 Forward Gears
• 2 Reverse Gears
• Push-Button Electric Starter

The Overhead Valve (OHV) engines are quieter and tend to be easier to start. Torque is optimal and reliable, because a dual-stage snow thrower relies on the torque to move not just the heavy snow around, but also its own weight. Better fuel injection is had with the OHV 4-cycle engine. The self-propelled transmission provides better fuel usage. Technology used in the 4-cycle is designed for separate strokes for:

• The Intake
• Compression
• Exhaust
• Power


The Troy-Bilt’s starting system has electric starter recoil and an all-wheel drive which makes quick work of any size or depth of snow needing to be cleared. Hard-packed or slushy soft snow, the impeller and auger allow for uniformed one-pass clearing paths. The specs of the clearing, intake, impeller and auger are respectable for a dual-stage snow thrower at:

• A Clearing Width of 28”
• Intake Height of 21”
• Impeller Diameter of 12”
• Auger Diameter of 12”

Big power does not necessarily mean heavy-weight handling, as this snow thrower is designed to be easily handled with just one hand. A one-handed operation allows for the adjustments of the speed, turning of the chute, without the need to stop the snow thrower to make these adjustments. This is due to its self-propelled classification as a tough and durable dual-stage snow thrower, and makes easy work of steep curved driveways.

Reversible skid deluxe shoes and 16” x 4.8” X-Trac steel rimmed wheels enables the Troy-Bilt snow thrower a sure footed traction in any type of snow. The X-Trac tires are created out of a durable rubber compound which protects them from abrasions and punctures.

The heated hand grips are another nice feature on the snow thrower and are positioned at the perfect angle for a sturdy grip. The 4-way joystick control works the chute upward, downward, to the left and to the right and the chute is clog-resistant and extendable. The halogen in-dash headlight and wide reflective strips give this Troy-Bilt Storm 2840 a good name in safety when it comes to visibility.

Troy-Bilt Parts and Accessories

Troy-Bilt 2840 snow throwers and their single-stage counterparts can be found at any participating Troy-Bilt dealership. The single-stage lightweight models called blowers are just as efficient and feature loaded as the heavier weight dual-stage throwers. New as well as used Troy-Bilt equipment can be found in most dealerships, as many seasonal upgrades are made in lieu of winterizing.

Some Troy-built snow thrower owners find off-season pricing and come away with some great savings on their snow thrower purchases and accessories. Troy-Bilt snow thrower accessories can add more safety and comfort features to the snow thrower. These may include::

• Deluxe Universal Snow Thrower Cab
• Drift Cutter Kit
• Universal Snow Thrower Cover
• Snow Slick Graphite Coating for the Snow Thrower’s Chute and Auger
• Arnold 16” Snow Thrower Tire Chains

Tips and Warnings:

• It is recommended that only Troy-Bilt OEM replacement parts are used
• Make sure pre-season and scheduled maintenance is performed properly
• Part inspections should be done before and after each use
• Follow proper winterizing steps and add the required fuel stabilizers
• Make proper storage preparations at the end of each seasonal use

New Troy-Bilt OEM parts and replacement parts can be found and purchased from authorized sales and service dealers, such as Ralph Helm Inc. If you’re in the Elgin or Crystal Lake, IL area and need parts or service for your Troy-Bilt equipment, contact Ralph Helm Inc to schedule your next service appointment.

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