Troy-Bilt TB 672 Jet Sweep Leaf Blower Overview

TB 672 Leaf BlowerGenerally, the arrival of fall weather is greeted in one of two ways. The first, and perhaps the most common, is a sense of relief and a great deal of appreciation. After long summer months, many people are ready for cooler weather and the welcoming sight of fall foliage in an array of vibrant colors. Of course, not everyone is so enthusiastic about this transition to cooler weather. Plenty of people view fall foliage more as a mess to be cleaned up than a sight to be enjoyed, and many of those same people dread breaking out the heavy leaf blower to get the job done on at least a weekly basis until Thanksgiving.

That’s where Troy-Bilt’s commitment to customer comfort comes in rather handy. The company has developed a great set of walk behind leaf blowers that make managing fall foliage quite a bit easier than it has ever been in the past. Instead of being saddled with a backpack model or a simple, small handlebar, Troy-Bilt TB 672 owners can walk behind their equipment, taking their time and maybe even taking in the sights as they focus less on being fatigued.

The Features: Why the Troy-Bilt TB 672 Leaf Blower Just Makes Sense

Leaf blowers have come a long way since they were first introduced to consumers, with both gas and electric models that have enhanced convenience and really helped change the way lawns look all throughout the fall. With that said, many people aren’t eager to lug around leaf blowers as backpacks and they’re not enthusiastic about carrying the leaf blower in their hands. That’s especially true for many homeowners, who would prefer to do their own landscaping but need something that works with their unique needs. The Troy-Bilt TB 672 Jet Sweep is the answer to these concerns.

The company has focused on creating a walk behind leaf blower that is actually rather convenient in multiple ways. The first of these is the very reason for its existence: The equipment can be pushed from behind, rather than placed on the back or carried in the hands. That’s a great start, but it gets better. In addition to being a great walk behind leaf blower, the equipment is also lighter than most people would expect. This lighter overall weight makes it easier to push the equipment, eliminating just a bit more operator fatigue that typically is associated with the arrival of fall foliage.

Finally, the Troy-Bilt TB 672 enhances operator convenience with one final step. The equipment has a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine that helps to produce a significant amount of wind and force. This makes it easy to clean even larger lawns in less time than it would traditionally take when using a backpack or handheld leaf blower model made by the competition. With a lighter weight, easier operation, and more powerful leaf blowing, this model manages a great trifecta for homeowners.

The Specs: Numbers that Make the Troy-Bilt TB 672 Even More Competitive

Of course, leaf blowing isn’t all about operator comfort. That’s a significant part of the process, but not the only thing that homeowners need to focus on. There are other concerns worth focusing on, including engine size and power, overall size, fuel capacity, and much more.

For those concerned primarily with power, the Troy-Bilt TB 672 leaf blower has plenty of it. The equipment is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 205cc OHV engine. The engine’s size and total amount of power makes it easy to handle smaller lawns in just a few passes, while larger lawns will require only a few extra minutes of the operator’s time to be fully cleared of fall foliage.

The TB 672 Jet Sweep leaf blower uses 10W30 oil, which is standard for power equipment in residential settings. A 3-quart fuel tank makes it easy to use the equipment for extended periods of time without needing to refuel, though very large outdoor areas may require at least one pause in the action so that the fuel tank can be filled back up. This is part of the commitment to lighter weight overall, but it’s a compromise that many buyers are willing to make. With a 90-degree front discharge, any foliage that does get in the way of this blower won’t stand a chance at sticking around for very long.

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Ralph Helm, Inc. has been helping homeowners and commercial landscapers get the equipment their lawns require for decades. With all of the right experience, as well as an extensive collection of Troy-Bilt products and plenty of OEM replacement parts, buyers will find it easy to get the equipment they need, the parts they require for regular maintenance or repairs, and the expertise that will guide them toward the right model for their particular outdoor setting.

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