Troy-Bilt Tri-Action Cutting System

Troy-Bilt LawnmowerTroy-Bilt’s mowers have earned a sterling reputation among homeowners who are looking for the perfect, most consistent cut, each and every time they mow their lawn. The company has consistently been at the forefront of high-tech mower setups, industry-leading mower deck materials, and unique blade shapes that produce a better cut and finer mulch for its buyers. One such advancement made by Troy-Bilt is the company’s Tri-Action Cutting System, which features three key components designed to create longer-lasting cuts, more accurate results, and a finer and more useful mulch.

The Tri-Action system employs a unique blade, a slightly adjusted mower deck design, and other advancements to make sure that grass is standing tall, circulating for a longer period of time than competing mowers, and cut to a uniform length throughout. For those considering a new Troy-Bilt mower, there are three key things to understand about the Tri-Action system when determining whether or not it’s a good system for each unique lawn size and shape.

Where the Tri-Action System Begins: The Troy-Bilt Rake Guard

One of the most unique features of the Tri-Action mowing system is its inclusion of a front rake guard on the mower that actually forces grass to stand up. This system essentially ensures that no blade of grass is left untouched by the mower’s blades, giving homeowners a way to ensure that their lawn maintains a uniform length even as the grass grows back and is less compressed. Furthermore, the rake guard system ensures that grass is not only uniformly cut, but that it is cut to the same length when measured from the ground to the tip of the blade. There simply are very few competing systems that even come close to matching this level of precision.

The S-Blade Mowing System Cuts Better and Lifts More Easily

In virtually all competing mowers built by other power equipment companies, the blade cutting the grass is completely flat from end to end. This is not the case when using a Tri-Action mower. Troy-Bilt has worked on a unique blade shape that it calls the S-Blade, with ultra smooth surfaces and a unique S-like design that actually cuts grass uniformly and gives it greater left after cutting has finished.

The result is grass that stays in the mower deck area for a longer period of time, subjecting it to repeat cutting that makes for a finer mulch during each mowing job. A finer mulch is of much more use to the live grass, of course, providing it with added nutrients that enhance color and thickness throughout the summer season.

A Symmetrical Mowing Deck Rounds Out the Trifecta of Features

The S-Blade system in Troy-Bilt’s mowers is complimented by the company’s innovative, symmetrical mowing deck. The unique design of this deck makes the inside perfectly symmetrical, but it also adds to the vacuum effect that begins with the S-Blade. Clippings stay suspended within the mower deck for a longer period of time than competing mowers that, as mentioned earlier, allows clippings to fall back onto the S-shaped blade more frequently. The smooth, symmetrical mowing deck is a key way to ensure uniformly fine mulch for homeowners that prefer not to bag their clippings. For those who do, the finer mulch will fill bags more slowly and allow for less frequent disposal of collected clippings.

Availability of the Tri-Action System Depends on the Mower Type

At the current time, Troy-Bilt is focused on pairing its Tri-Action mowing system only with its walk behind mowers. To that end, the company has made the system available on all of its new walk behind models as a standard feature. Homeowners will appreciate this, as it makes the shopping process quite a bit easier. Simply locate the proper deck size for the lawn being mowed, and rest assured that the Tri-Action system will come standard. Riding mowers, though, do not currently include the system. So far, Troy-Bilt has not moved to include the Tri-Action system on any riding model, nor are any known plans in the works to change that fact.

For Service, Support, and Parts, Choose Ralph Helm Inc.

Customers looking to take their regular mowing of the lawn to the next level should certainly consider a Tri-Action mower from Troy-Bilt. If the system seems like a great addition to the summer landscaping agenda, be sure to visit Ralph Helm Inc. for the largest selection of Troy-Bilt models, excellent service and support, and a large variety of OEM parts that will keep each mower in working order throughout the summer season.

With innovative website features like the online parts lookup tool, the company is committed to buyers who are looking to transform their mowing experience and use this innovative Troy-Bilt system to dramatically enhance their lawn’s appearance this summer and well into the future.


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