TS 500i STIHL Cutquik – In A Class of Its Own

With all of the recent focus on moving to green technologies in the automobile and manufacturing industries, there has been relatively little focus on the increases in both power and efficiency that are occurring among smaller, handheld devices which are used by the everyday homeowner. However, it’s worth noting that this lack of publicity does not indicate a lack of industry movement toward increased power, decreased energy use, and an overall sizable boost in quality. STIHL is one of a handful of companies leading this charge, and it prides itself on being at the forefront of development when it comes to efficient use of increased power in handheld tools and devices. Exemplifying this commitment is the company’s recently released TS 500i handheld cutoff machine. It sets some industry firsts, offers some great benefits on its most recent predecessor, and equips homeowners and those in the heavy labor industry with a great new tool.

The TS 500i Improves Upon its Predecessor and Offers its Own Industry Firsts

When STIHL unveiled its TS 420 handheld cutoff machine, it touted the increased power and torque offered by the device and noted that it was leading the industry in both categories. That was true then, but it is no longer true in the face of the much-improved TS 500i. The TS 500i counts itself as the first handheld cutoff saw with a fuel-injection motor. That development in and of itself makes the device more efficient and powerful, but it makes it the industry leader as the sole cutoff machine using a fuel-injection engine at all.

This innovative new motor has the added effect of increasing the device’s power by up to 17 percent over the TS 420, itself an industry leader among the wider range of handheld power tools and saws without fuel-injected motors. In addition to promoting quicker and more efficient cutting in a variety of everyday applications, the new motor powering the TS 500i handheld cutoff saw means that the device produces far lower emissions than the TS 420 or any other handheld machine from any competing manufacturer in the industry. That makes the TS 500i one of the first “green” power tools to become available, and it’s sure to be a hit among heavy manufacturing and outdoors businesses, as well as private homeowners who are looking for a device which can offer green operation without sacrificing on raw power and capability.

Target Demographics for the TS 500i Cutquik

It’s hard to say who exactly will benefit the most from leaving behind their less-powerful TS 420 cutoff saw and adopting the much more efficient and powerful TS 500i that makes its debut in the marketplace this summer. Primarily, the device is targeted toward home users and commercial industries that absolutely require a handheld saw that doesn’t compromise on size, weight, or power, but can improve efficiency and promote a lower cost of operation. Given the recent rising cost of energy prices overall, there is really no group that won’t directly benefit from purchasing the device and making it a mainstay among their power tool collection.

Perhaps the group most likely to notice a big difference after using the machine is that of homeowners who require the most powerful cutoff device on the market for large jobs either at work or at home. The 17 percent boost in power is absolutely noticeable and long overdue. Combined with the better weight distribution of the device, it’s actually easier and more enjoyable to use for long periods time.

Where to Buy the TS 500i STIHL Cutquik

Undoubtedly, the best place to find and purchase a TS 500i cutoff machine is at an authorized local dealer with exclusive access to the company’s latest products and accessories. That’s because these dealers are specifically trained to know how the device is best used, where it is most ideal for implementation, and when it’s the right time to upgrade and move from older products, like the TS 420, to the newer TS 500i. These dealers often have real-world experience with the Cutquik models, and would be able to expertly answer any questions in a way that isn’t just a bunch of “sales speak” or marketing material.

The key to enjoying a long and rewarding period of use with the TS 500i is to simply find the nearest authorized dealer and discuss its features, benefits, and any other drawbacks or considerations that should be made before purchasing the device and turning it into a daily driver. Remember that, while the TS 500i STIHL Cutquik is easily the most powerful, efficient, and precedent-setting cutoff machine on the market, it might not be right in all uses and in all scenarios. The only way to determine when and where the machine best fits is to contact an authorized dealer today and speak with an expert who has the right combination of product knowledge and real-world experience to make an accurate sales and judgment call on this innovative machine.

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