Understanding Your Yard and Different Soil Types

Understanding Your Yard and Different Soil Types

You may think that soil is just the dirt that your plants grow in and that it doesn’t really matter which type your yard has. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The type of soil on your property┬ácan make a major difference in the health and growth of your landscaping. All soil is made up of a mixture of rock particles, sand, silt and clay in varying proportions. Here are a few of the most common soil types to get you started:

Light Gravel Soil

Soil that is high in gravel and sand can absorb and release water the most quickly of any soil type. Because of fast draining, it does not retain many nutrients either, making it a poor choice for most landscaping styles. However, desert-type plants can thrive in this type of soil.

Medium-Textured Soil

This type of soil is the easiest to work with because it retains a lot of nutrients from decomposing plant and animal matter. This kind of soil absorbs water very well, making it suitable for just about any type of plant to grow successfully.

Dense, Heavy Clay

This type of soil has the finest particles; it can become dense and compact very easily. This makes it tricky for plant roots and air to get into the soil, making it difficult to grow things without tedious care and treatment. Once it absorbs water, it takes a very long time to release it. It can also become hard and cracked during dry weather.

Improving Your Soil

If your soil is of the medium-textured category, lucky you! You won’t have to do much in the way of soil care. However, if your soil falls into either of the outside categories, all hope is not lost. You can change the texture of your soil by combining it with homemade compost or manure. Not only will this change the texture of the soil, but also the nutrient content, making it easier to work with.

Stay Committed to Your Yard

Regardless of the soil type in your yard, you’ll also need a variety of yard and lawn care equipment to truly keep your landscaping looking its best. Here at Ralph Helm Inc., we’ve got everything you need to care for your yard, so browse through our selection today!

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