What Can A Toro Dealer Do For Me?

Toro has built a stellar reputation for innovative gardening and landscaping equipment since 1914. The company was originally founded as the manufacturer of Bull Tractor Company engines and later produced steering engines for steam ships for the U.S. in World War I. The company’s values reflect the mission to provide outstanding products and engage in conscientious corporate citizenship within the community. The Toro brand is synonymous with quality worldwide and Toro is widely known as a top brand for landscaping and turf maintenance equipment. 

Benefits of Buying from an Authorized Toro Dealer

The Toro company sells their quality lines through factory authorized dealers in the community and online. Toro dealers and distributors are located in 80 countries across the globe. Each dealer is educated in the proper use and maintenance of the various types and models of Toro turf and landscaping power equipment. With an authorized Toro dealer you can expect the following:

1. Reliability

Toro has built a stellar reputation on providing reliable equipment at an affordable price. The Toro brand is consistently rated among the most reliable and popular brands of lawn and garden equipment worldwide. The Toro brand is used by landscaping companies as well as homeowners to maintain lawns and landscapes year after year.

When you purchase Toro products from a factory authorized dealer, you have the benefit of knowing that you are buying the best. These dealers also have knowledge of each model of equipment and will be able to explain the features, allowing you to make an informed decision about the right piece of equipment for your needs.

2. Trained Technicians

Authorized Toro dealers employ trained and knowledgeable technicians to perform any repairs or upgrades required for Toro products. These technicians actively pursue ongoing education to keep them up-to-date with the latest products and technologies. If your Toro equipment ever needs servicing, you can rely on your Toro dealer to provide the highest quality service.

3. Stock Genuine Toro Parts

Your authorized Toro dealer will also have genuine Toro OEM parts available when you need a replacement component, belt or device. It is recommended that you use only OEM parts to maintain or repair your lawn equipment. Your factory authorized dealer will provide OEM parts at competitive prices. No need to search for a cheap aftermarket part that may only further damage your equipment and void the warranty.

If you do not have an authorized dealer in your neighborhood, you may also order genuine Toro OEM parts online. Online dealers provide you with the convenience of ordering your parts over the Internet and having the parts shipped directly to your door. Even if you are near a brick-and-mortar Toro dealer, ordering online is convenient and quick.

Ordering parts and accessories online offers the convenience of 24/7 availability. You can shop for parts in the middle of the night in your pajamas if you so choose. You will find that your online Toro parts dealer offers reasonable shipping rates and will ship the part as soon as the order is placed.

4. Financing Available

Financing is also available through authorized Toro dealers.  Whether you need financing for one piece of equipment for use around your own home or you need financing for a lawn care business, check with a Toro dealer to discover your financing options.

5. Latest News and Advice from a Trusted Source

If you are looking for updates and advice on Toro products, an authorized Toro dealer, or online Toro parts provider like Ralph Helm Inc will always have the latest news and advice regarding Toro equipment. You can feel confident purchasing OEM parts, getting advice and information, and exploring financing options through your authorized Toro dealer.

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