When is the Best Time to Mow the Lawn?

When is the Best Time to Mow the Lawn?

The weekend is coming up and your yard is looking a bit overgrown. That means mowing has just made it to the top of your Saturday to-do list. Now the question is, when should you mow?

Some people think it’s best to do it early in the morning in hopes of beating the heat, while others prefer to mow in the evening. Technically speaking, you can mow your lawn at any time of day, but there is an optimal time to tackle your grass.

Early Morning

There’s a good chance your grass will have some morning dew on it when you wake up. If it does, you might as well roll over and catch a few more hours of sleep because mowing a wet lawn is a recipe for disaster.

When grass is wet, it’s more likely to get ripped up, which won’t look pretty, and it can clog  your mower. Plus, lawn diseases are spread more easily when the grass and your lawn mower blades are wet.


This is the best time of day to mow your lawn. You’ll still be able to finish up before it gets too hot and you won’t put your grass at risk of tearing.


Once you start moving into the afternoon hours, mowing becomes a little less preferable again. It’s hot outside, which makes the job uncomfortable for you, and it can really stress your grass out.

Your grass is working hard to photosynthesize and retain moisture from that morning dew. If you come by with the mower, you’ll be chopping it up before it gets a chance to complete these important tasks.

Late Afternoon

If we had to pick a second best, the late afternoon would be it. You’ll benefit from temperatures cooling down, and your grass will still have plenty of time to heal.


If the sun has already gone down, wait until tomorrow to mow. Sure, it will be nice and cool in the evening, but it’s not healthy for your grass. Grass is most susceptible to damage caused by fungus and lawn diseases during the evening hours, and mowing is just going to agitate and spread them.

Now that you know when to mow, your thoughts are likely turning to making sure you have the right lawn mower for the job. Contact Ralph Helm Inc. to learn more about the different types of mowers we have available and which type of mower is best suited for your needs.

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