Why Are Toro Lawnmowers Consistently Ranked Near the Top of the Pack?

Everyone who uses a Toro lawnmower walks away without complaint. These are lean, mean lawn mowing machines that outlast their rivals. If you would like to upgrade your lawnmower, look no further than new and used Toro machines. These mowers are available in a variety of engines and styles. Let’s take a closer look at what separates Toros from the rest of the mowers.

Toros are Built With a Superior User Experience Design

You can’t go wrong with the Toro 159cc, 4-cycle engine. It offers elite airflow and a special engine block design that operates at an incredibly low temperature. Like most Toro mowers, the 159cc Premium OHV model really reduces noise, which means your family and neighbors can continue their routines uninterrupted as you operate your Toro. These mowers also feature an auto choke system so you won’t have to prime or choke the engine ahead of starting it. You will love the “Personal Pace” rear wheel drive with self-propelling technology. Toro mowers are even smart enough to modify their speed and movement according to your personal walking gait.

Green, Clean and Easy to Adjust

Toro lawnmowers have rust-free mower decks that can withstand frequent contact. You can adjust the mower height from 1.2 to 4 inches and beyond this range on certain Toros. These mowers also feature Toro’s unique Recycling Cutting Action that cuts grass twice to create uber-thin clippings. This process actually boosts the nutritional content of your front and back lawns because it serves as a natural compost that will keep your lawn looking healthy.

Cleaning out the typical mower is quite a pain. The Toro lawnmower allows for simple and quick cleaning thanks to its expertly engineered deck washout port. Just connect your hose to the upper part of the deck and turn on the water. These mowers also feature quick change handles, an array of warranty options and all sorts of other niceties. Take a look for yourself and you’ll see why Toros are quickly gaining ground on the traditional lawnmower stalwarts.

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