Why so Many are Making the Transition to a Zero Turn Mower

If you haven’t heard of a zero turn mower, you are not alone. This style of lawn mower hasn’t yet reached a mainstream tipping point, yet it is trending in that direction. You can tell a zero turn mower from other types of riding lawn mowers by its two control levers that replace a typical steering wheel. In some instances, you’ll even see zero turn mowers with a joystick or possibly a steering wheel at the helm.

Incomparable Efficiency

Zero turn mowers are increasing in popularity because they cover plenty of ground in an incredibly efficient manner. Even those who do not own large estates are making the transition to zero turn mowers thanks to the ease of operation and reliability. Riding mowers take significantly more time to cut grass compared to zero turn mowers. This really is the primary benefit of zero turn mowers. Some even report that making the transition from a conventional riding lawn mower to a zero turn mower can reduce mowing time by two thirds.

Zero turn mowers cut grass in such an efficient manner because they are constantly in action and very easy to handle and maneuver. This increased control empowers you to cut as closely as desired near obstacles like flowers, landscaping, pools and sheds. As a result, trimming excess grass with a weed whacker is not necessary.

Choose Your Own Deck Width

Spend some time looking at the cutting deck width of various zero turn law mowers before making a purchase. The number and size of obstacles in your yard will determine which deck width is ideal for your needs. The perfect width allows you to squeeze your zero turn mower into all those tough-to-access spaces in your yard so that you can save as much time as possible. You can even add special features like cruise control and various attachments to further improve mowing efficiency.

Pick up a zero turn law mower and you will soon be zooming around your yard, clipping grass in all those (formerly) hard-to-reach nooks and crannies with remarkable efficiency. You’ll keep your weed whacker in the garage or possibly even sell it as your zero turn mower provides the comprehensive lawn cut you have always desired.

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