Why You Should Upgrade to LED Landscape Lighting

Consider upgrading to LED landscape lighting.

Whether you are starting a new project or you want to upgrade your existing features, you should consider LED lighting for your landscape. Your home is beautiful, and enhancing it with durable LED lights will let it shine brighter. Here are four reasons you should consider upgrading to LED landscape lighting.

LED Lights Last Longer

Light-emitting diode (LED) is a highly efficient type of landscape lighting. The cost may be more to install initially, but the benefits of having LED landscape lighting outweighs the cost. LEDs last 50 percent longer than incandescent bulbs — these lights will stay in use for 50,000 hours. That means even if you leave them on for eight hours per day, LEDs will last more than a dozen years. You will have less maintenance and replacement cost thanks to the longevity.

Go Green and Save Energy

Upgrading your current landscape lighting or purchasing a new LED lighting system will allow you save money because LEDs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. These bulbs release less energy than other lights. This will keep costs down if you leave LED landscape lights on through the night. Also, LEDs have no toxic materials and are 100 percent recyclable.

Versatile Lighting

The LED lights, even the smallest ones, emit a tremendous amount of light and are practical to use. They are versatile in different weather conditions. Many bulbs burn out in heated or colder temperature, which increases the cost to replace them. LED lights, however, are reliable through the heat and extremely cold temperatures.

LED Lights are Cool

Regular incandescent and halogen lights give off heat. Dry leaves that touch these bulbs can start a fire. LED lights are perfect for outdoor landscaping projects because they do not emit heat. Past models seemed to be so cool it would look almost blue, but newer bulbs illuminate a pure soft white light.

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