Why Your Lawn Needs Organic Lawn Care

Everyone loves a lush green lawn. Although they look great, the care that goes into keeping our lawns so green is actually incredibly hard on the environment. Not only does it use up a lot of water to keep a lawn looking lush, but many of the chemicals used end up going straight into our ground water. Organic lawn cares aims to change that, offering products and techniques that will keep your lawn looking great while still being safe for the environment.

How You Can Go Green with Your Lawn Care

The first step is to choose a type of grass that can easily thrive in your climate. Although another type of grass may look a bit better, if it is not built for the weather and soil conditions in your area, you could end up using significantly more water to keep it healthy. Not only is this hard on the environment, but it’s hard on your wallet as well. Try to water your lawn as infrequently as possible, only when it is starting to look a bit dry.

Additionally, you can go green by mowing your lawn to be more favorable for grass to grow and less favorable for weeds to come through. This can be done by simply mowing with your mower blades high. Leaving your grass, a little longer will shade the intertwining weeds and prevent sun from getting to them. If the sunlight cannot get to the weeds, then they cannot grow and with your lack of weeds, you won’t have to use a lot of weed killers and pesticides.

When it comes to choosing pesticides for your lawn, try to use them as sparingly as possible. Look for products that are labeled as “organic,” “eco-friendly,” or “green.” These types of products use fewer harmful chemicals, opting instead for natural ingredients that can produce the same results. The fewer chemicals in your lawn care products, the safer your lawn will be, not just for the environment, but for your children and pets as well.

Get Everything You Need for Organic Lawn Care

Here at Ralph Helm Inc., we offer a wide range of lawn and yard care products and can help you maintain your current yard equipment for many years to come. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you keep your lawn looking its best.

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