Winter Landscaping Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

Winter Landscaping Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

Just because winter has arrived doesn’t mean you have to neglect your home’s curb appeal! Shoveling and plowing aren’t the only ways to care for your landscaping during the winter, though. There are a number of ways to brighten up your home’s landscaping and improve the exterior look of your home during the winter. With careful planning and the following tips, you’ll have a lawn that is just as bright and striking during the winter as it is during the spring and summer months.

Four-Season Perennials

Instead of storing your summertime plant containers, such as hanging baskets and window boxes, fill the containers with all-season perennials. Many perennials have evergreen foliage, such as ornamental grasses, which provide a bright touch to your winter landscaping. A few plants that are perfect for winter containers include, broadleaf evergreens, such as rhododendron and holly. Another option is to fill the containers with brightly colored items, such as evergreen boughs that are adorned with ribbons, ornaments or combined with pinecones and twigs.

Trees and Shrubs

There is a wide range of trees and shrubs that you can plant during the spring that will give your landscaping the pops of color it needs in the winter. Some options may include:

  • Birch trees
  • Christmas holly shrubs
  • Winterberry holly
  • Red twig dogwood
  • Plume grass

Many of these shrubs and trees are small, easy to plant and will provide color and interest to your lawn. Plus, they’ll provide brightly colored berries for the birds!


One of the easiest ways to give your home a brighter curb appeal during the winter is to include hardscapes in your landscaping plans. For example, install brightly colored lava rock around greenery and place an ornamental bench near a small pond. Hanging brightly colored bird feeders in several trees or on lampposts is an easy way to add splashes of color throughout the yard as well as ensure the birds who stick around during the winter are well fed.

Keeping the lawn, walkways and driveways clean and clear are essential for a well-manicured winter landscaping. Contact Ralph Helm Inc. Lawn Equipment Center to learn more information about the types of equipment we have available to help maintain your yard all year round.

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