Zero-Turn vs. Tractor Mower: Which Riding Mower Is Superior?

If you ask just about any homeowner about whether or not he or she would like to have a zero-turn lawn mower, chances are that person’s mouth will start watering at the thought of having such a high-quality mower. You may be trying to determine if zero-turn lawn mowers are truly superior to tractors. If so, here are some aspects of both types of riding mowers to consider.

Benefits of a zero-turn lawn mower

Zero-turn lawn mowers have the ability to make 180-degree turns. The ability to turn in such a manner allows homeowners to not only mow their lawns in a shorter period of time, but to do so without leaving strips of uncut grass behind. The speed of  a zero-turn lawnmower is typically much faster than a tractor mower, and some zero-turns can go as fast as 13 miles per hour while tractors run at about three to four miles per hour. This enables homeowners to finish in half the time.

Benefits of tractor lawn mowers

Tractor lawn mowers aren’t necessarily inferior to zero-turns. Not only are tractor lawn mowers substantially lower in cost than zero-turns, but they take up less storage place. Tractor lawn mowers are also easier to transport.

Do you need a zero-turn lawn mower?

If you have an especially large lawn or you use your mower for business purposes, then you might very well want to invest in a zero-turn lawnmower. When it comes to running a business, the quicker you can get done with one job, the sooner you can make it to the next job. On the other hand, if your lawn isn’t very large and you don’t need a mower for business purposes, then a tractor riding mower will likely be more than adequate. 

All in all, both types of riding mowers are great choices. If you have the room to store a zero-turn lawnmower as well as the funds to purchase it, then by all means, you should buy one. However, if you don’t have the extra storage space and your budget won’t enable you to purchase a zero-turn mower, then you should rest assured that a tractor is a perfectly acceptable choice. It may take a bit more effort and time to mow with a tractor, but the end result will be the same, regardless of the type of riding mower you ultimately choose.

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